Editing Services for Trainers

Do you want to publish your article, but you’re concerned that there may some be grammatical errors?

Are you waiting to put out your blog because you’ve read it so many times,

you can’t tell if there’s a word missing? … Not to worry! I’m here to help.

Whether it’s an article or a blog, a webpage, a book, a brochure, handouts, a poster, or a slideshow,

I will help you look professional, so people see the value of what you have to share.

What do I have to offer?

I speak your language! As an animal trainer for the past 5 years, I bring a keen eye and an understanding of behavior and learning theory.

As a teacher for over 25 years, I have experience with presenting material so that it’s easy for people to relate to. I specialize in teaching math and science. I appreciate the importance of a scientific approach to training. I especially love statistics!